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Smartphones... Everyone today is using a smartphone. If you lift a rock you are probably going to find a smartphone instead of an insect! The smartphone evolution is the biggest technology evolution since the Personal Computer era. It's a huge thing!

Thanks to the smartphone evolution, Apple ended up being by far the most valuable tech company in the world market. Sure, iMacs and Macbooks are great, but they don't sell nearly as much as the iPhone does. Google's revenue multiplied many fold over the last few years thanks to Android. Amazon saw their revenues skyrocket as on line shopping was never as convenient as it is today.
Looking to order your new Playstaion 4 or Xbox One game while on Metro?! Piece of cake! Do you want to order your new shoes from your car, while on the way home, and have them arrive at your door step in 1 hour? No problem, smartphone is the answer! Amazon as the pioneer help made this amazing feat possible too!
You are going to keep your smartphone with you all the time and for this reason alone you should be picky before you buy one! You don't want Angy Birds to lag or your birthday photos to be shaky, right? The good news are that today, thanks to the huge competition, many smartphones are offer truly exceptional featurers! The bad news? Well, this decision was never harder!

Every day more and more customers are jumping into the world of Full High Definition and are buying a blu ray player! Are blu ray players worth the additional cost over the DVD ones? The answer is hands down yes! In this article we will explain how to make the right choice when buying a Blu-ray player.

A blu-ray player has three main advantages compared to the usual DVD player:



A DVD video has at most than 414,720 pixels (the exact number depends on the DVD in question). A 1080p blu-ray packs 2,073,600. Just from this you can see an increase in resolution at least FIVE times! That's is a lot! If you have a 55 inch or larger TV, the movies will look so much better.

Audio Quality

If you have high quality speakers a Blu Ray player will really make them shine! Blu Ray disks offer many times better high quality of sound! 
Extras, 3D & Wi-Fi

Unlike DVD players Blu-ray players have integrated Wi-Fi support! Aside from this, the latest Blu-Ray players are able to play 3D Blu-Ray movies, if your TV or monitors support it! Many Blu Ray players offer many more features, for example, the ability to play games or search the  web!

Before you fight traffic with cars or plan that weekend excursion on back country roads, you'll need to invest in some very important equipment, namely the riding gear. Body protection is a must when riding your sport bike or cruiser and nothing could be more important than a helmet. You likely did some research before deciding on a sport bike or cruiser so you're going to want to do the same before grabbing a helmet.

You'll notice a sport bike helmet looks very different from a dirt bike or motocross helmet. Helmets designed for sport bikes and cruisers are more round without the extended chin protection needed for dirt bike riding. Plus, you have a variety of choices depending on your preferences:

  • Face Helmets - For riders who want the best all-around protection, full face motorcycle helmets are the way to go. A wrap around shell with full face protection keeps all areas on your head covered and safe.
  • Modular Helmets - If you're looking for versatility, a flip up helmet is the perfect lid for you. Geared towards the Dual Sport/Adventure rider, these helmets are a great for the touring rider who wants the best of both worlds.
  • Open Face Helmets - If you crave the feeling of wind in your face as you cruise down the highway, then half and open faced helmets are perfect for you.
  • Off Road/Motocross Helmets - For those who like to get dirty out on the track or up in the mountains, dirt bike and ATV helmets are just for you.

Most women wear some sort of make up every day. Deciding on what sort of make-up to wear clearly depends on the occasion, the skin type, the age and of course the intended use of the product.

In general, make-up is is broken down into four main categories, according to the body part and the skin type complexion. There are a number of different products available in the market for each category.  

So, let's talk about the purpose of each product and find which one is most appropriate for the right occasion.

Recent studies have shown that the percentage of customers who shop online is increasing. More specifically, more than 80% of customers shopped at least once online. But, are customers who shop online satisfied? Well... yes, according to recent studies, 89% prefer online shopping!

So, why customers prefer to shop online?


Many shop online for convenience. You literally can order almost anything from your sofa. Where else you can buy a new shiny TV at midnight, while eating your pizza? Not only that, but you don't have to wait in a queue. This is a very important reason many prefer online shopping, as in today's fast paced word, time is precious. Why spend those thirty minutes shopping offline if you can shop online in just two?

Cheaper Products

Online stores are usually cheaper. This is the case because they don't have to rent nearly as many buildings as online shops do or have shopping outlets at prime locations which necessitate high rents. They only buy or rent a few warehouses and ship products from there. The cost savings are passed to the end customer resulting in lower product prices.